Episode 49: Our Favorite Episode – Bible Songs & Kids

Today we are going back to one of our most loved episodes with Lisa Landis, Kids Cookie Break Host on WJTL, FM90.3. Lisa & Kori explore how music can be used to introduce children to Jesus in fun and memorable ways!

Ready to add some catchy, biblical songs to your playlist? Let’s go!

LISA LANDIS hosts the Afternoon Drive 3-7pm on FM 90.3 WJTL. She is also the creator & host of The Kids Cookie Break heard Saturday mornings 9-noon on WJTL and Wednesday nights 7-8p on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh. KCB aims to educate, empower and entertain kids of all ages. Lisa is also a commercial voice over artist for WGAL-TV. When she’s not working, or zipping around in the KCB Cookie Car, you will find Lisa hanging with her husband John (and sometimes 23-year-old son Alex) watching movies (or British Television), volunteering at church and Historic Rockford, visiting favorite shops and restaurants downtown Lancaster, gardening, cooking, and/or working on restoring a late 19th century mill.

Resources For You:

  • Slugs and Bugs
  • Colin Buchanan
  • ApologetiX
  • Veggie Tales
  • Steven Courtney
  • Phredd
  • Kids Cookie Break
  • WJTL
  • Favorite KCB Bible/scripture memory songs:
  • In the Belly of the Whale – Newsboys
  • Fruit of the Spirit – Uncle Charlie
  • Old Testament (aka Ice Cream Song) – Phil Joel
  • Old Testament Song – Slugs and Bugs
  • New Testament Song – Slugs and Bugs
  • Floating Zoo – Phredd
  • Baa! We’re Lambs – ApologetiX
  • Not Logs Lincoln – ApologetiX
  • In The Beginning – The Donut Man

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