Episode 38: Why Mentorship Matters in God’s Eyes

In this podcast episode, we dive deep into the topic of mentorship with Patricia Engler, a Christian apologetics speaker, writer, and Youth Outreach Coordinator for Answers in Genesis. She has a heart for mentorship and has learned first-hand how valuable the unique relationship is for both the adult and the child. She believes that we are designed by God for relationships – and, ultimately, we are designed to pass on God’s Word and God’s teaching to the next generation. By being a mentor, we are doing what God created us to do!

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or finding a mentor for your child, this episode is for you!

Ready … Let’s go….

PATRICIA ENGLER is a Christian apologetics speaker, writer, and Youth Outreach Coordinator for Answers in Genesis. After 12 years of homeschool and a B.Sc. degree, she backpacked 360° around the world documenting how Christian students keep their faith at university. The top takeaways from this research are available in Patricia’s book, Prepare to Thrive: A Survival Guide for Christian Students. You can follow her stories and get connected through Facebook, Instagram, and AnswersinGenesis.org.

Resources For You:

  • Prepare to Thrive
  • Answers in Genesis
  • Luke 12:6-8

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